This independent audit of the Bureau of Meteorology's High Quality weather station raw temperature records in WA and Australia was a collaborative data validation analysis by:

Former school principal Ken Stewart

Research journalist Chris Gillham, owner of this website

Former ABS statistician Ian Hill

Software programmer and chemical engineer Ed Thurstan

Earth scientist Geoffrey Sherrington

The audit of WA and eastern states was conducted over seven weeks from January to March 2012 with oversight by Joanne Nova, Warwick Hughes, Anthony Cox and Lance Pidgeon.

The audit findings support calls made in 2010 for the Australian National Audit Office to independently audit BoM climate records to ensure their accuracy and reliability.

If a group of citizens can uncover this many errors and distortions within the BoM's publicly accessible raw temperature history, why can't authorities audit Australian climate records that are presumably the evidence used to justify the need for a carbon tax?