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Climate change in Australia since the 1800s has seen original and unadjusted mean temperatures increase by between 0.6C and 0.7C.

The increase is likely due to a combination of natural climate trends with some additional warming from the greenhouse influence of carbon dioxide.

Other contributors include the 1972 change from Fahrenheit to Celsius thermometers with associated decimal precision by observers, warming caused by urban heat in both cities and regional towns/airports, and the introduction of automatic weather stations in the mid 1990s that record brief temperature extremes with one second readings that could not previously be captured by liquid-in-glass thermometers.

Australia's climate warming is exaggerated by homogenised adjustments that significantly cool historic temperatures within the Australian Climate Observation Reference Network (ACORN-SAT) used by the Bureau of Meteorology to calculate Australia's official temperature trends since 1910 at 104 non-urban weather stations.

Explore the topics below to discover facts about Australian climate change that you didn't previously know.

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newspaper reports on climateclimate news

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